What We Do

We offer one on one mentoring, group mentoring sessions and promising girl chat conversations. 

 We offer virtual academic tutoring in the US and abroad.

 We offer in-person & virtual biweekly themed workshops to include, Civic Engagement, Public Speaking, Literacy, Financial Literacy, Art Enrichment, Fitness Boot camp, Nutrition, Natural Hair Care, Women’s Health, Coding and more to come!  We provide workshop essentials as needed.

 We plan to offer college scholarships to our high school seniors upon their graduation.

We will expand our STEAM program to include music and demonstrate how Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Music, and Mathematics are all part of our everyday lives. We like to include STEAM in some of our workshops to show how integral it is to the way we live, work, and play, from the elemental building blocks of life to the technology we use.  We will continue to use a variety of (interactive) formats including discussions, experiments, field trips, videos and movies.