Carmen Hatchett
Audio / Visual Coordinator
Carmen Hatchett, born in the British Virgin Islands, embarked on a transformative journey when she migrated to the USA at the age of 7. Despite a challenging childhood, Carmen emerged as a resilient woman, eventually becoming a devoted mother to three amazing children Seaoni, Tapeunga, Xedon and a proud grandmother.
In her early twenties, Carmen found solace and purpose in Christ, a commitment that has shaped the last two decades of her life. Under the guidance of anointed mentors, Dr. Martin and Pastor Lizzie Coleman, she has served in ministry for 20 years, now holding the position of Ordained Executive Pastor and leader at Full Faith Ministries.
Carmen’s multifaceted involvement in her church includes serving as the head administrator, contributing to the worship team, and playing a vital role in the audio and media team. Beyond her ministry duties, Carmen is a stylist by night, blending her passion for aesthetics with her commitment to spiritual growth.
Driven by the desire to connect with people on a holistic level — spirit, soul, and body — Carmen believes that one’s physical appearance mirrors their inner self. As a minister dedicated to the Lord’s work, she endeavors to teach the Word of God with clarity and conviction, to bring about transformative change in the lives of those she encounters.
For Carmen, life’s journey becomes truly fulfilling when individuals align with God’s divine purpose. With a heart aflame with this conviction, she embraces each day as an opportunity to inspire and guide others on their unique and purposeful paths.

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