Janella R. Meeks

Born and raised in Harlem USA, Janella Meeks has worked in politics for over 30 years, from Press Secretary for Assemblyman Roger Green to Chief of Staff for Letitia James but presently works for the New York State Nurses Association, in their Political and Community Department. 

She has always been civically motivated and wishes to bring civic awareness with her to Felicia’s Promise. She knows the importance of politics in our everyday lives and wishes to inspire young girls/women of color to get involved in order to make changes, not only with who represents them, but changes in the community, schools, and in their individual lives.

Felicia’s Promise works to provide technical and non-technical resources and training to prepare young women on STEAM career paths with communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other necessary skills that the organization deems necessary to uphold its mission.

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