Jarhonda Deroche

Having just kick started her career in the tech space as a Workday Integrations Consultant, Jarhonda Deroche is a techie who thoroughly enjoys finding and immersing herself in opportunities for continued learning and development in any form.

Although a loud and proud Brooklyn native, she takes immense pride in her West Indian roots and upbringing as it is the bedrock of her personality and core values. Extremely passionate about helping others and loving on children, Jarhonda takes great satisfaction in being a beacon of light in every environment she steps into. While, Jarhonda is a passionate believer who takes pride in exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit in her daily life, she is an absolute goofball and enjoys laughing and having a good time. She is a vibe like no other. 

Felicia’s Promise works to provide technical and non-technical resources and training to prepare young women on STEAM career paths with communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other necessary skills that the organization deems necessary to uphold its mission.

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