Jason Omilig
Fitness / Wellness Facilitator

Jason Omilig, Massage Therapist (MT) & NASM Certified Personal Trainer(CPT), holds a degree in Massage Therapy from ASA College, New York. He has been working successfully as a Personal Trainer for the past 6 years. 

His strong passion for helping others live healthier and happier lives shows in his work. In his professional journey, Jason chose massage therapy as the next stage in his evolution into becoming a wellness specialist. 

Combining both the latest knowledge in Exercise Science and Massage Therapy, Jason’s goal is to further optimize the physical abilities of his clients, improving their fitness levels while remaining pain and injury-free. As a personal trainer, what makes Jason’s quality of work stand out from other trainers comes from his consistent attention to detail, enthusiasm, knowledge, planning and work ethic. 

Because of these traits, Jason has had many successes with the clients he works with and has created a loyal following. He sincerely takes pleasure in helping clients reach their fitness goals. Fitness Specialties: Personalized Functional / Progressive Program Design Strength and Conditioning Corrective Exercise Kettlebell Concepts Certified Science Based Massage Treatment Suited for: Reduction of Muscular Pain Mobility and Flexibility Improved Recovery Sports Injuries Stress

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