Sabrina Perry
Community Engagement

Sabrina Perry, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, a mother, and wife, obtained a Bachelor of Science. from Mercy College in Healthcare Administration and Behavioral Science. 

She has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years, working as a Financial Analyst and in other Management positions in a NYC hospital. Accepting an offer of a managerial position at a major Insurance company in the Northeast, she now works remotely.

Sabrina found joy and purpose serving in her Church’s ministry for a few terms as Financial Secretary and Chairperson of the Trustee Ministry.

When she isn’t working, this spiritually motivated woman enjoys music, reading and journaling.

Felicia’s Promise works to provide technical and non-technical resources and training to prepare young women on STEAM career paths with communication, entrepreneurship, leadership, and other necessary skills that the organization deems necessary to uphold its mission.

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