Mentoring Girls With Promise and Purpose

Spring & Summer 2023
Volume 2

The Promise Continues with
The Whole Girl  Workshop Series

African Dance Workshop

The Whole Girl workshop series continues to be ignited with meaningful content. Mr. Folusho Elujoba (Folu), a media and technology entrepreneur, choreographer, and Felicia’s Promise marketing team member, led an African dance workshop. Through dance, mentees learned techniques and the historical significance of traditional African dance, given Mr. Folusho’s extensive dance research.

Mentees are photographed while learning the African dance routine. Ms. Lorraine Williams, head of mentee outreach, and Ms. Felicia Fonrose, founder and executive director, are with mentees and junior mentees, in-person and virtually, after the workshop. Last but not least, we highlight Mr. Folusho Elujoba (Folu) to especially thank him for sharing his choreography and expertise during the workshop. 

Financial Literacy Workshop

The financial literacy workshop significantly impacts mentees by equipping them with essential knowledge and skills for managing their personal finances. Hosted by New York Life, Life Insurance, and Financial Guidance Agents Ms. Marcia Prioleau, Ms. Nylah Aodom, and Ms. Rane Palmer. 

The interactive session and practical exercises empower these girls to understand concepts such as budgeting, saving, and investing. By instilling financial literacy at an early age, the workshop helps girls develop a strong foundation for financial independence, enabling them to make informed decisions, set achievable goals, and confidently navigate the complexities of the financial world.

Mentees, in-person and virtual, are photographed above while engaging in the financial literacy workshop hosted by New York Life, Life Insurance, and Financial Guidance Agents Ms. Marcia Prioleau, Ms. Nylah Aodom, and Ms. Rane Palmer. 

The Inaugural Girl Chat

With thousands of miles between them, our U.S.A. Mentee Ambassador, Destiny, hosted the first Girl Chat with the administrative support of Ms. Felicia. This dynamic virtual gathering offers girls the opportunity to connect and share. During the session photographed below, Mentee Faith in Liberia showed her Promise Sisters the chickens & roosters in her yard, displaying a particular piece of her everyday life all the girls loved to see. Girl Chat continues to engage and unite Felicia’s Promise girls across the globe.

The above photographs capture mentees connecting from Brooklyn, Virginia, to Liberia West Africa. 

Mentee Spotlight 💜 Laurel

We are thrilled to acknowledge the remarkable accomplishments of Laurel Violetta Buxton, an exemplary mentee of Felicia’s Promise. Laurel has consistently demonstrated dedication, passion, and a drive for excellence throughout her high school career at Brooklyn Emerging Leaders Academy.
Her involvement in the Ukulele Club, Jazz Band, and Co-op Program showcases her diverse talents and willingness to explore different areas of interest. Furthermore, Laurel’s commitment to academic excellence is evident through her two Dean’s List awards.
Laurel’s involvement in community service is equally inspiring. Through her participation in Felicia’s Promise, Bethany’s Girl Scout Program, Troop 2920, Children’s Church, and the Youth Ministry, she has shown a deep sense of compassion and a desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
We are thrilled to congratulate Laurel on her acceptance to SUNY Geneseo, where she will pursue her passion for Geological Sciences starting in the Fall of 2023. With her strong academic background and unwavering commitment to personal growth, we have no doubt that Laurel will thrive in her chosen field of study and make meaningful contributions to the scientific community.
Laurel Violetta Buxton’s achievements and active involvement in our mentorship program serve as an inspiration to her peers and a testament to her exceptional character. We are incredibly proud of her accomplishments and look forward to seeing her continue to flourish as she embarks on this exciting new chapter in her life.
Laurel is shining in her senior photo. Then also photographed with Felicia’s Promise board co-chair Ms. Malini and Ms. Lorraine. 

Team Spotlight 💜 Ms. Selina

Board Member with Felicia’s Promise
We have a testimony and are excited to share Selina, an active Felicia’s Promise board member, has beat cancer!
To help make a difference in the lives of those fighting cancer, visit to donate and learn more. 
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Photographed above, Ms. Selina prepared gift bags for mentees during the holiday drive and celebrated recovering and healing with Ms. Felicia. 

A Promise Praise Report

Felicia’s Promise is honored to be awarded a grant from Colgate Palmolive. Thank you to our first volunteer, Ms. Taralyn, for your tremendous support in improving girls’ lives within our global community.

Supporting the Promise 

By investing in Felicia’s Promise to continue building programs that support girls in these communities, we empower them by providing access to education and opportunities and investing in the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers who will shape our world’s future. When girls are empowered, they can better contribute to their communities, economies, and societies, creating a more prosperous and just world for all. So, let us join together and invest in the future of our girls and, in turn, create a brighter future for everyone.
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