Mentoring Girls With Promise and Purpose

Summer 2023
Volume 3
The Promise Continues with
The Whole Girl  Workshop Series 2023 / 2024

Field Day / Earth Sustainability Workshop – Summer

In a picturesque setting at Fort Greene Park, participants gathered on beautiful Kente Cloth brought by Ms. Alexis McCarthy, FP Advisory Council Member and Facilitator of this Workshop, to use instead of disposable plates & napkins. We enjoyed a healthy lunch while learning how to be sustainable.  Participants came ready to explore ways to impact our planet positively, so this workshop was more than just a Field Day; It was a hands-on experience in sustainable living, learning the importance of nurturing our environment through engaging discussions and interactive activities. This workshop served as a reminder that each of us has a role to play in safeguarding our environment. The Fort Greene Park Rangers left the participants with an understanding of some life skills to use during outdoor camping and how to read a compass, among many other things.  Everyone left with a commitment to embracing practices that will ensure a greener, more sustainable Earth for future generations!

Participants are photographed learning outdoor life skills and practicing sustainable habits with Ms. Alexis and The Fort Greene Park Rangers.

Team Spotlight –
Alexis McCarthy, FP Advisory Council Member

Alexis McCarthy, CEO of Springhead Social Impact and Advisory Council Member of Felicia’s Promise, has a diverse background spanning finance, arts, and nonprofits. As a former Managing Director at Christie’s and COO at Morgan Stanley, she’s honed her expertise globally.  Ms. Alexis champions ESG, sustainability, and gender equity, aligning with her commitment to advancing girls and women.  A Brown University graduate with a passion for multi-sport varsity athletics, Alexis translates her energy into tangible improvements for people and the planet.  

Visit The Springhead Social Impact Website
Ms. Alexis, photographed above, traveled from PA to Brooklyn during the heatwave to host this amazing Field Day / Earth Sustainability Workshop.  We are truly grateful for her volunteerism.

Women’s Health Workshop – Sex Education

Shanique Ivery, MS WHNP-BC, FP Women’s Health Program Director, gave an informative presentation on Sex Education as a continuation of our series of Women’s Health Workshops informing the mentees of the importance of understanding their bodies, among many other topics. Given her extensive knowledge, the girls were engaged and left feeling empowered and informed throughout this virtual workshop.

Ms. Shanique is in the photograph above (top left) with some of the Mentees and the FP Team at the end of the virtual workshop.

Confidence Building Workshop – Love Languages

Ms. Jacinta Mathis, FP Marketing Director, led Mentees through a curriculum of Love Lananges for The Whole Girl to empower each Mentee to navigate life confidently and with love. Ms. Jacinta demonstrated the importance of self-love and showing love to others through affirmations, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and physical interactions. The girls closed the session by communicating what they love about themselves and each other.
Ms. Jacinta is photographed above with Mentees and FP Team during and following the workshop.

Mentee Update – Mentee Laurel

And she’s off! We are excited to celebrate Mentee Laurel as she is off to college. We are so proud of her and wish her all the best as she starts her first semester at SUNY Geneseo, where she will pursue her passion for Geological Sciences. 

Laurel is photographed above after being showered with gifts and lots of love with FP Supporter Mrs. Virginia Manuel and Dr. Tracy Durrah, FP Director of Development.

New Mentee 💜 Introductions

We are tremendously excited to welcome the following mentees:
Nyah, 13 (Dallas)
Riley, 13 (Dallas)
Ulani, 13 (Dallas)
Justine, 18 (New York)

Skylar, 13 (New York)
Tatiana, 18 (New York)
Victoria, 12 (United Kingdom)
New Mentees Ulani and Nyah surprised Felicia’s Promise Founder and Executive Director, Ms. Felicia Fonrose, with flowers and hugs upon arriving at the Dallas airport, with the help of their dedicated mother, Shay. 

New Volunteer 💜 Introductions
Tracey Howard & Santasia Renee Nelson

Tracey Howard, pictured left/above in the FP T-Shirt has joined Felicia’s Promise as a volunteer Administrative Assistant on the Development Team.  Ms. Tracey is a native New Yorker and an adventurous traveler. In addition to being a self-published author, she is committed to supporting community organizations. Ms. Tracey’s goal is to make a better world for the youth, and she lives by the mantra that it’s not only what we do but who we are within that could make a magical difference.

Santasia Renee Nelson, LMSW pictured right is a dedicated School Social Worker and Licensed Master Social Worker.  Ms. Santasia has chosen to make a lasting impact on the lives of black and brown students and their families. Currently working in a high school setting, she also steps into the role of FP Mentee Workshop Coordinator, on the Mentee Outreach Team leveraging her experience to further the mission of Felicia’s Promise. With a solid educational background and unwavering dedication to her field, Santasia Renee Nelson exemplifies the spirit of advocacy, education, and community engagement.  Welcome to both of these amazing Women.

Philanthropic Promises – RXR Furniture Donation

Thanks to the generous furniture donation to Felicia’s Promise from RXR, Felicia’s Promise was able to make a meaningful impact with the support of Rolanda Telesford, Senior Director of Community Development at YWCA of Brooklyn, the donated furniture found a new home with a well-deserved recipient. We believe in the ripple effects of positive actions, and this is just one shining example of the difference we can make when we come together.
A few photos from some of the generous furniture donations.

Supporting the Promise 

By investing in Felicia’s Promise to continue building programs that support girls in these communities, we empower them by providing access to education and opportunities and investing in the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers who will shape our world’s future. When girls are empowered, they can better contribute to their communities, economies, and societies, creating a more prosperous and just world for all. So, let us join together and invest in the future of our girls and, in turn, create a brighter future for everyone.
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